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There will be some changes to the site coming up. One is I hope to post more and add different content besides the podcast and the awards. Check out my YouTube page where I’ll be posting more video reviews as well! If you like that, please subscribe! Thanks!

The Big Woods

Tonight I had a killer Vienna Lager from Coastal Fermentory in collaboration with Earlybird’s Bottle Shop called The Big Woods. Coastal Fermentory is based in Newport News, VA and Earlybird’s in Poquoson, VA. This was sent over from the Wish You Were Beer show, and The Big Woods is very good!  The Big Woods hasContinue reading “The Big Woods”

Beer Alternatives

This week I’m going to try 4 different canned malt/beer alternatives. A Radler, a Seltzer, a Hard Tea, and a Bevy. Plus, the person that stole tap handles from The Green Lady I have a word for you, Jagoff! Shoutout to @PodcastTa2squid