Earlier today I stopped off at F.I.B.S Brewing Company and met up with Rob and Joe from Da Beer Bros podcast. F.I.B.S is located at 260 Howard Ave in Des Plaines, IL and we all enjoyed the place!

F.I.B.S is a small place located in an industrial area of Des Plaines on Howard off of Wolf Road. They had a nice variety of beers on tap and a liquor bar as well. I can’t speak for when you might go there, but them playing The Who the whole time was a great touch as well! I had 2 of their beers, the Pale Ale called Dead Goldfish and a NE IPA called The Throw Down. As a rule, I’ll usually start off with something simple like a Pale when I try a place new if they make one because it’s a nice basic style that doesn’t have a lot of tricks in it. The Dead Goldfish was a nice, solid Pale. It clocked in a lot higher for the style at 7% ABV and 40 IBUs but for me had a nice flavor. This had more sweetness to it from the malt, but was well balanced with the hops and I’d drink this one again. The 3 of us had The Throw Down next, and liked it so much, we each grabbed a crowler to take home. This also was a 7% ABV beer, it had 65 IBUs and was excellent! Nice tropical pineapple aroma and flavor on this one and I would be having this one a lot if I lived closer.

We didn’t grab any food there, but they feature pizza from Giuseppe’s. I used to live in the area before I moved back to the city, and Giuseppe’s is a great pizza! Excellent tavern style with a great crust and sauce. When you go to F.I.B.S by all means, grab the pizza!

I’ll hit F.I.B.S up again, we didn’t get a chance to sit inside since we recorded a segment for each of our podcasts outside where we had more room. The vibe there was cool, neighborhood people and not douchy like some beer places can be. Grab a beer, grab some pizza, F.I.B.S was a good spot!


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