Great show this week where I have the flagship beer from Chicago’s newest brewery Funkytown and it’s a winner! I’ll also have a chat with one of the co-hosts of the terrific Drunk Theory podcast Kelli Madden! There are fine beers I’ll have from Hopewell, and Pilot Project, plus a non-political Jagoff segment!

Drunk Theory

Funkytown Brewery

Hopewell Brewing

Pilot Project 

King Of Beers Beer In Front

This week I'm having the King Of Beers as the Beer In Front! I'll talk about some great local Chicago beers and a special return of the Jagoff Of The Week! 
  1. King Of Beers
  2. Better On Draft/Bell’s Amber
  3. Genesee Cream Ale
  4. Beer In Front Awards Promo
  5. Hop Nation USA/Lone Star