Here are the judges for the 2022 Beer In Front Awards.

Weekly Beer Show

Danny and Nate are the hosts of the Weekly Beer Show which comes out every weekend over on YouTube. Both are west coast residents who have a unique world wide perspective on life and beer!

Rod J

Rod J is a beer enthusiast based out of Baltimore and is the host of Rod J BeerVentures. You can find Rod all over, a top podcast, top beer blog, and a top beer YouTube channel. If it happens in beer, you’ll hear about it from him! It’s always time to get your beer on!

Weekly Beer Show

Tiffany, Daniel, and Phil host the fantastic Wish You Were Beer show airing Thursday nights on video with an audio podcast version out as well. Not only is this a great show, they are 3 of my favorite people in beer. It’s a must watch!

Ruvani de Silva

Ruvani is my favorite writer with bylines in many great publications! She writes about beer in Central Texas and beyond, and is a vocal advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion in beer. As a British South Asian woman living in Texas, Ruvani brings a unique voice to the world of craft beer.

Strive Seek Find

Chance Whitmore is the host of Strive Seek Find Podcast. Chance is based out of Boise and puts out a great show every week! Keep Seeking Your Own Brilliant Future!

Tap The Craft

Denny Luce has been a craft beer enthusiast since his first visit to a brew pub in the early 1990’s. Tap the Craft Podcast is an educational podcast hosted by two craft beer enthusiasts where they talk about craft beer in terms the everyday beer drinker can understand. Tap the Craft Podcast…delivering craft beer education to the everyday beer drinker since 2014!

Lauren Carey

Lauren Carey is a co-host along with her brother John of the award winning Beer’d Al Podcast talking about the 2 best things ever, Beer and Weird Al Yankovic! Lauren, along with her father David hold the world record for most guest appearances on the mediocre Beer In Front show!

Hops “Geek” News

Matt & Lauren do a weekly podcast discussing recent ‘geek’ news. They then get into what they’ve read or watched, and then deep dive into a different topic each week. If you enjoy beer, comics, and movies, Hops “Geek” News is for you!

Grant Agbefe

Grant Agbefe is a Chicago resident who is always around town trying out the local breweries and restaurants. Grant is a Baylor alum and don’t bother him on autumnal Saturdays when the Bears are playing!

State Of Hoppy

State of Hoppy covers hockey in the great state of Minnesota as well as craft beer! Check out The Sota Pod for all of your hockey/beer needs!

Bum Wine Bob

Bum Wine Bob gives me a hangover every time I listen. He finds some obscure old school beverages and talks about them on his podcast along with a plethora of other topics! One of my goals in life is to do a Four Loko with BWB!

Brian Margiotta

Brian Margiotta is the go to person for everything in the St Louis beer community. You can find Brian’s writing over at Porch Drinking as well as various guest spots on beer podcasts. Head over to Three One Pour for all of your St Louis Beer needs!

Mark Strong

Mark is a Food Lover, Beer Lover, Booze Lover, all around geek and (former) food writer based out of Syracuse, New York.


D.T. is one of the cohosts of the Space Castle Podcast. Check out Space Castle every Wednesday for your games, movies, books, and pop culture news!

Hop Nation USA

Steve and Adam are the hosts of Hop Nation USA a weekly podcast out of Pittsburgh. They have over 250 episodes released and they are not Jagoffs! Check out Hop Nation USA for everything Pittsburgh!

Craft Beer Safari

Craft Beer Safari is a website based out of Arizona. The semi-incognito hosts are your one stop shop for your Arizona beer spots!

Joel Geier

Joel Geier is the host of The Brewery Travels Podcast. If you need to know anything about a brewery, Joel is your source! As of this writing, he’s closing in 1,000 different breweries!

Chalonda White

Chalonda is the First Lady of Chicago beer and bourbon! In addition to hosting podcasts on both topics, having the great Afro Beer Chick website, she is a top notch mixologist making beer and spirits cocktails for Revolution and other spots throughout the city!

I Like Beer The Podcast

Jeff & Jeff are co-hosts on I Like Beer The Podcast. They are based in San Diego and have also written articles for local publications. San Diego is no question one of the best beer cities on Earth and these gentlemen do a great job in discussing and covering the scene!

Jeremy Banas

Jeremy Banas is an author and podcast host based out of San Antonio. He has written books on Pierre Celis, Pearl Brewing, and San Antonio Beer as well as countless articles. His podcast is called Cheers For Local Beers and can be found on your favorite podcast platform!


Malory/Chu are the hosts of Imperfectly Me Crafts! Check out their awesome YouTube page for some great beer & craft ideas!


Todd is one of the hosts of Toss One Back Thursday! You can join Todd and Rod J as they talk about some great beers all around!

Sarah Mitchell

Sarah is a craft beer lover residing in a little town called Chicago! You can usually find Sarah around town with a beer and smile as she’s taking photos around the city!

Dave Zalatoris

Dave is the host of the Beer In Front podcast out of Chicago. When he’s not being harassed by his dog Moira, you can find him enjoying everything from Schlitz to the latest Ham Ass Beer from Dovetail!

Sometimes, the Beer In Front of you is the best one yet!