Kinslahger Session Baltic Porter

Kinslahger Session Baltic Porter

Tonight I’m having a Baltic Porter from Kinslahger Brewing Company located in Oak Park, Illinois. This one is a session but still checks in at 8% ABV. This is a slightly dialed down version of their regular Baltic Porter that is 9.5% ABV. Baltic Porters are usually brewed with a cold fermented ale yeast or a lager yeast and Kinslahger uses the latter in this robust yet drinkable beer.

I’m a fan of the style and Kinslahger did not disappoint. This had a great aroma and the flavor was terrific. I picked up a lot of dark chocolate here and slight coffee notes. The taste was for me a tick thin, but that could be just my mind seeing “session” and expecting that. I’ll have to grab their regular Baltic soon to compare the two. The can art on this is amazing. It is a great dark blue with gold accents and is a wonderful design. I’d pick this one up again in a heartbeat, the Session Baltic Porter would be a great beer to have outside on a nice fall evening or to enjoy with a nice hearty steak for dinner.


Kinslahger is located at 6806 Roosevelt Road in Oak Park, Illinois and is open Thursday-Sunday.

Kinslahger Brewing Company


Narrow Gauge Y.A.K.W.I.I.

Holy fuck is this good! Y.A.K.W.I.I. (you already know what it is) is a Sour IPA by Narrow Gauge Brewing in Florissant, MO in collaboration with the Saint Louis Hop Shop. This was graciously given to me by Virginia and if by some miracle I have any offspring, the first will have to go to her, this beer is so good!

Y.A.K.W.I.I. like I mentioned is a Sour IPA brewed with Sabro hops and brewed with Lactose and aged on Vanilla Beans, Pineapple, and Raspberries. Lactose and I aren’t the best of friends, but I’ll happily accept whatever happens to my stomach if the dairy pills don’t kick in. I loved everything about this beer. Terrific aroma with the vanilla blending in with the fruits and Sabro hops. The taste is spectacular with for my tastebuds, the vanilla, raspberries, and pineapple all come through without any single one pushing the others aside. If the harmonies of Boyz II Men or Fleetwood Mac were a beer, they’d be Y.A.K.W.I.I.

Narrow Gauge is at 1595 N Highway 67 St in Florissant, Missouri. The Saint Louis Hop Shop is at 2600 Cherokee Street in St. Louis.

Once again, my deepest gratitude goes to Virginia for bringing me this to try. If you are in the St. Louis area, I highly recommend Y.A.K.W.I.I.


Grand Crew

Beermiscuous, Casa Humilde, and Bold Dog Grand Crew

Beermiscuous, Casa Humilde, and Bold Dog Brewing joined forces for the 7th anniversary of Beermiscuous and brewed a Belgian Quad with blue agave and piloncillo called Grand Crew.

I enjoyed everything about this one, Grand Crew pours a nice reddish/brown color that is lighter than the above picture shows. I get a combination of sweetness and alcohol from the aroma. The taste is killer! You get the sweet taste from the malts, agave, and piloncillo sugar in here, then the 11.5% kicks in at the end and leaves you all warm and fuzzy inside. For me, it finishes nice with a little of the yeast flavor lingering and wanting you to have another sip of it! The agave, and piloncillo sugar really add to this and make Grand Crew a nice way to wind down the day. Unless you are like me, who started the night drinking this 11.5% one and tries to spell Beermiscuous after.

Grand Crew was brewed for the anniversary of Beermiscuous and to celebrate the workers there. This one is a winner and if you are able to get your hands on one, I highly recommend it.


Casa Humilde and Bold Dog Brewing are located at the District Brew Yards 417 N Ashland Ave in Chicago. Beermiscuous is at 2812 N Lincoln Ave in Chicago and 552 Sheridan Rd in Highwood, IL


Casa Humilde

Bold Dog Brewing

Episode 74

Good show this week where I have the new Alaskan Brewing Midnight Haze Hazy Black IPA. It’s a winner! I’ll also sit down and chat with Rob & Joe from the Chicago area beer podcast Da Beer Bros!

Old Irving Brewing Beer In Front

This week I talked to Trevor and Matthew with Old Irving Brewing. We talked about their history and what's coming up in the future. I also had 3 of their beers to talk about on the show. Old Irving Brewing  
  1. Old Irving Brewing
  2. Father’s Day Episode
  3. Cider Cruise Recap & Busch Beer
  4. Leinenkugel & 47th Ward Alderman Matt Martin
  5. Northman Cider/Chicago Cider Week

Shop Talk

18th Street/Revolution Shop Talk

Tonight, I’m having a great collab between Revolution & 18th Street called Shop Talk. Shop Talk was brewed for the Barrel and Flow festival in Pittsburgh this year on September 10-12 which ⁠sets out to honor the interconnected and important sectors of Black arts, celebrate Black artists, and share how collective art is greater together than the sum of its individual parts.

Shop Talk is an old school, west coast IPA that I’m really enjoying! This checks in at 7% ABV with 65 IBU’s. It has a wonderful color to it, the aroma is nice as well. The flavor takes me back to the IPA’s of 20 years ago where cargo shorts and Tommy Bahama shirts lined my closet. I get a great malt flavor up front and then the Centennial, Amarillo, Chinook, and Cryo-Simcoe hops hit you and brings a huge smile to your face. This has a nice finish to it with the bitterness lingering for a bit at the end. If you are a fan of old school west coast IPA’s, do yourself a favor and pick this one up!


All proceeds from the sale of Shop Talk will be donated to My Block My Hood My City which is a great organization in Chicago that builds a better world one block at a time.

Barrel And Flow

18th Street Brewery

Revolution Brewing

My Block My Hood My City

Last Call for 1971

I have some more interviews lined up for my special episode on 1971 in music. So far, I’ve talked/will be talking to people on Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Rod Stewart, Black Sabbath, Carole King, The Beach Boys, Elton John, Janis Joplin, Joni Mitchell, Yes, and Alice Cooper. Some albums that still are out there include:

David BowieHunky Dory
Marvin GayeWhat’s Going On
John LennonImagine
T-RexElectric Warrior
Al GreenGets Next To You
Sly & The Family StoneThere’s A Riot Going On
Jethro TullAqualung
The DoorsL.A. Woman
Cat StevensTeaser & The Firecat
Genesis Nursery Cryme
Bill WithersJust As I Am
Isaac HayesShaft

If there are any albums here or one of the many great songs that came out, get a hold of me at and let’s set something up! I’ll stop doing interviews on Friday, September 10th and get the show out shortly after.

Alaskan Brewing Co Midnight Haze IPA

Alaskan Midnight Haze IPA

Tonight I’m having the Midnight Haze IPA from Alaskan Brewing Company. Before I start, I do want to be upfront and say that Alaskan sent me this to try before it’s released all over on September 1st. Well, I wish they would have sent more than 1 can of Midnight Haze because I love this beer and would have and will pay for this once it’s out next week!

I’m a huge fan of Black IPA’s and when I saw they were going to mash up that style with a Hazy IPA I was intrigued. Midnight Haze does not disappoint if you are a fan of either style. The color might be a tick lighter than the usual style, but the aroma hits you right away with the melon/citrus notes from the hops. The taste is killer! It’s like your favorite Hazy hooked up with a Black IPA and this is the result 9 months later. I get the chocolate, toffee notes from the malt blending with the hops here and it is a rock solid beer! I get a little bitterness at the end that you might not get with the Hazy/NE style but fits well with the Black IPA style.

Midnight Haze IPA will be a limited edition beer available on September 1st. Alaskan Brewing distributes to 25 states and hopefully, yours is one of them!



Earlier today I stopped off at F.I.B.S Brewing Company and met up with Rob and Joe from Da Beer Bros podcast. F.I.B.S is located at 260 Howard Ave in Des Plaines, IL and we all enjoyed the place!

F.I.B.S is a small place located in an industrial area of Des Plaines on Howard off of Wolf Road. They had a nice variety of beers on tap and a liquor bar as well. I can’t speak for when you might go there, but them playing The Who the whole time was a great touch as well! I had 2 of their beers, the Pale Ale called Dead Goldfish and a NE IPA called The Throw Down. As a rule, I’ll usually start off with something simple like a Pale when I try a place new if they make one because it’s a nice basic style that doesn’t have a lot of tricks in it. The Dead Goldfish was a nice, solid Pale. It clocked in a lot higher for the style at 7% ABV and 40 IBUs but for me had a nice flavor. This had more sweetness to it from the malt, but was well balanced with the hops and I’d drink this one again. The 3 of us had The Throw Down next, and liked it so much, we each grabbed a crowler to take home. This also was a 7% ABV beer, it had 65 IBUs and was excellent! Nice tropical pineapple aroma and flavor on this one and I would be having this one a lot if I lived closer.

We didn’t grab any food there, but they feature pizza from Giuseppe’s. I used to live in the area before I moved back to the city, and Giuseppe’s is a great pizza! Excellent tavern style with a great crust and sauce. When you go to F.I.B.S by all means, grab the pizza!

I’ll hit F.I.B.S up again, we didn’t get a chance to sit inside since we recorded a segment for each of our podcasts outside where we had more room. The vibe there was cool, neighborhood people and not douchy like some beer places can be. Grab a beer, grab some pizza, F.I.B.S was a good spot!


Da Beer Bros

Eris Pedestrian

Pedestrian from Eris Brewery & Cider House

Tonight I’m having a cider from Eris Brewery & Cider House called Pedestrian. Pedestrian is their flagship cider and it’s a good one. This is made with Michigan apples and I’m assuming they use some Granny Smith in the mix because that is one of the main flavors I’m getting from this one. Pedestrian has a crisp and dry finish to it. I could see having more than one of these, it is very refreshing. Pedestrian is listed at 5.6% ABV and is available on tap or in growlers at their Irving Park location, or you can pick it up in cans at most places now.

Eris has been around since early 2018 and are located at 4240 W Irving Park Rd in Chicago a few blocks from the Irving Park Blue Line or right off the Kennedy. Their location is very cool, and they have a nice vibe in there with a combination of beer/cider people and folks from the neighborhood. I haven’t eaten there in a while, but I do remember the food being good there. The beers they brew there are solid as well, they won a GABF Bronze medal in 2018 with their Foiken Haze in the NE style IPA. I’m not going to rate this like I would beer, because the criteria is different, I’ll just say that Pedestrian is winner in my book, and is worth checking out.

Hoppin’ Frog Re-Re-Pete

Hoppin’ Frog Re-Re-Pete

Tonight I’m so excited to have Hoppin’ Frog’s Re-Re-Pete. This is an Imperial Brown Ale brewed with Pete Slosberg from Pete’s Wicked Ale. This is a kicked up version of Pete’s Wicked checking in at 15.6% ABV and put out in an 8.45 oz can.

I was a huge fan of Pete’s Wicked back in the day, I even had a varsity jacket from them. Gambrinus, the company stopped making Pete’s Wicked back in 2011, so it’s been at least for me 20+ years since I’ve had something from Pete Slosberg.

Hoppin’ Frog’s Re-Re-Pete uses the same malts and Brewers Gold Hops that was used in Wicked Ale and a lot more of them! This is still a Brown Ale, so the color is nice medium brown color. For me, the aroma is all malt with the sinus clearing alcohol burn. This is boozy! The taste is at first the sweetness from the malt followed by a WOW, I better call a cab hit of alcohol followed by more of the malt sweetness at the end.

This is by all means a sipping beer and would go well sitting outside next to a fire with a cigar. Re-Re-Pete is good beer if you can find it, Hoppin’ Frog is based out of Akron, Ohio and they ship to Kentucky and Washington DC.