Beer In Front Awards

December 13, 2022 will be the inaugural Beer In Front Awards. Sometimes, the Beer In Front of you is the best one yet! There will be 2 awards featured, the Best Macro, and the Best Craft Beer Over 21 featuring beers that came out in 2001 or earlier. Future editions will include different categories. The judging will be scored on Appearance, Aroma, Taste, and Overall Impression with Taste being the highest point earner on a weighted system. 

Judging will be done by esteemed members of the Beer Podcasting Community as well as Beer Enthusiasts from all over. If interested in being a judge, feel free to contact me at 

Future categories will include Best Imported Macro, Best US “Light” Macro, Best Chicago Craft Beer amongst many others. 

The beers chosen for judging in 2022 are listed here. Most of these are available where I am located in Chicago and not every judge can get to all of these, however there will be a good cross section of beer enthusiasts around the country judging what is available in their area. 

Judging will be from September 1st to December 1st, 2022 and the scores will be tallied and broadcast Live on the Beer In Front Podcast on Tuesday December 13, 2022. I hope to interview many of the judges and get their thoughts on their favorites in both categories! 

2022 Beers

2022 Judges

Printable List For Judges

For the judges, email me your scores for each to by December 1st and I’ll tally up the scores. If there are any beers you’d like to try, or send out to others, I’ll start a Twitter group for the judges.

Sometimes, the Beer In Front of you is the best one yet!